How to send us your device

Thank you for choosing us as your repair partner. Please, read carefully and follow the instructions below

How to prepare and send us your device - from CZ

Pack your device well, so it will not be harmed during the shipping. Our shipping partner handles the packages carefully, but just to be sure, pack yours well.

Bring your package to the nearest Packeta - Zasilkovna point. You don't need to put any labels and addresses on the package. Just handle it to the cashier and tell them this secret code:


And that's it! Your package is on it's way to us. 

How to prepare and send us your device - from all around the world

You can apply the above code to the EU Packeta services. They are offering plenty of countries. Just ship it to their local depo and add the above code to the adress. Packeta will address it to our account and ship it back to us. 

If you cannot use the Packeta service, you can ship your device via any postal service. Just ship it to the adress below.

PECOM Solutions s. r. o.
Dukelská 4941
430 01 Chomutov
Czech Republic

Contact person: Dominik Pecháč, +420 478 478 378 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Dominik Pecháč
+420 478 478 378