Apple iPhone 7 repair

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iPhone 7 - Models A1660, A1778

Apple iPhone 7 repair price list

All repairs are usually done by the second working day. Or after an agreement in about 60-120 minutes. 

LCD Replacement - original 

Original display to preserve all original parameters

1999 Kč

LCD Replacement - aftermarket part

Cheaper repair variant - if you are satisfied with a cheaper display


Battery replacement - OEM

Normal battery with original parameters

999 Kč

Battery Replacement - Ampsentrix Plus

Battery with increased capacity - for demanding users

1299 Kč

Replacing / cleaning the earphone

Do you hear badly when you call? Replacing  or cleaning the earphone is a solution

499 Kč

Replacing the speaker

Does the speaker play quietly or snort? Replacing and cleaning the speaker will help you

499 Kč

Rear camera replacement

Resolves focus issues or artifacts in photos

1499 Kč

Front camera replacement

Let you make a hilarious selfie again.

999 Kč

Rear camera glass replacement

The cracked rear window needs to be replaced. Failure to do so may result in the need to replace the rear camera.

799 Kč

Touch ID - Homebutton replacement

Without maintaining the fingerprint function.

999 Kč

Replacement of side buttons

In the event of a malfunction, increasing / decreasing the volume, switching silent mode or switching on the phone.

999 Kč

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